"The Madman & His Mistress

How do we retain the radiance of youthfulness for as long as we live? The book contains down-to-earth advice, many examples and exercises.

25 million hungry unemployed Germans long for change. Hitler comes to power & holds them in a stranglehold: A family's struggle through surprising events sustained by hope. An amazon bestseller.

About the Madman

This gripping historical novel takes us to Europe during the last century, a world far different from ours, yet with striking similarities. It is the story of three college friends and their families, well educated, well to do, and loyal to the monarchy. Delighted, they see conservative Hindenburg win the elections. But within weeks, the reins of government tighten. Hindenburg’s new chancellor, Adolph Hitler, asserts more power daily. Blinded by his grand promises in their hour of need, the people applaud him; yet mercilessly he leads them into tyranny and doom.

Why did people fall under his spell? The author gives compelling answers by reaching behind the mystique that shrouded Hitler’s persona, the man who called himself “The Savior sent by God.”

“Your next patient won’t be coming,” Elly murmured from the door. “He was murdered last night.”

Dr. Siegel’s hand stopped in mid-air. The grandfather clock in the hall ticked more audibly, more audaciously. Like an irksome intruder, it spoke of the passage of time, of the brevity of life.

“Why?" Elly moaned. "A happy-go-lucky hobo like him murdered? It makes no sense.”

“Let me take you home, Elly,” the doctor got up from behind his desk. He thought of his patient's brief friendship with Hitler in the homeless shelter of Vienna, and quietly added, “Our knowledge of this murder could indict us. Don't mention it to anyone.”


"The Madman & His Mistress reads like a novel and resonates with truth. It is both a searing indictment of war and a heart-warming story of courage, survival, triumph and indomitable faith. Amidst the atrocities of the Hitler years, many decent people still chose kindness over cruelty, integrity over corruption, and faith over fear. Her story is personal, practical, and compelling, with a warning for our time. Will we heed it?"      — Sharon Iezzi

"If you are expecting yet another analysis of the relationship between Hitler and Eva Braun, you will, thankfully, be sorely disappointed. The title is misleading: the mistress in question is not Eva Braun, but the starving and discontented German people, who bowed down to the madman’s will to power. This is a World War II memorial, perhaps a thinly disguised memoir, and a well written, thoughtful, gripping read. The actual subject is the life of a family with young children – a normal, albeit upper middle class family, who steadfastly refused to subscribe to what was presented as “just a formality” – membership of the Nazi Party, and the consequences of that refusal – from gradual expropriation, marginalisation, and finally exile... more
                                                                           — London Art Historian & Critic Beatrice Shoemaker

"...Personal anecdotes ... significantly increase the realism and power in the story-telling that might otherwise not be found in a novel... an important and timely lesson ... "      — Carol T. Christ, President of Smith College

"The book offers a rich tapestry of history ... with vivid and exciting portrays of individuals, some interacting with Hitler and other high Nazi officials in situations that are sometimes searing in their intensity. The experiences and adventures recounted, primarily by the protagonist, are genuinely fascinating and provide a strong personal element to the immense tragedy of World War II. Aspects of the brutal war on the Russian front are especially interesting...The historical data add up to a compelling picture of Germany, anti-Semitism, and the conflict of the story itself. Famous sayings leading off each chapter are a great touch. The research, as attested to by the footnotes, is impressive."       — The Writer's Digest         

" A competent tale of an able craftswoman ... Intimate tales of domestic drama mix with historical accounts..."   — Kirkus Review

"Your book made a deep impression on me. I learned much about the workings of a dictatorship and the miseries of war. It was refreshing to see that integrity, hard work and respect for others do pay off in the long run. With today’s pressures we sometimes forget."       — E. Coolidge

"Let me express my profound gratitude for your outstanding literary work on behalf of all Germans to set the record straight, and free all of us from this nagging feeling of collective guilt about the holocaust. Please pursue efforts to get on Oprah's show, because your experience needs to be shared by all."      —Hermann Ultsch

Comments from Readers

Readers found the book to be quite an eye-opener about daily
life during the Hitler Era. Here are some quotes:

   • "Glad to hear that integrity was not dead"

   • "Times of deprivation & hardship seem to make people stronger"

   • "Hitler banned complaining? What an idea!"

   •  "Children's sole obedience is to the Führer and the Party." Adolph Hitler

   • "I'd be better off with the devil... " Eva Braun's diary

   • Germany's most powerful weapons manufacturer got Hitler into power

   • Hitler became chancellor thanks to a political deal, not by votes

   • Life without freedom is hell on earth

   • Patience, insight and perseverance cn have magical effects

   • Success fueled by greed & deceit does not last; in the end, justice usually preveils

   • I greatly enjoyed curling up by the fire with this delightful book".

About the Author

The author grew up in Germany as daughter of an officer in the German Cavalry, who was drafted to fight on the Western & the Eastern front. An ardent Royalist, he refused to join the Nazi party—something he paid dearly for. Her mother Edith, a woman of unusual charm & diplomacy, managed to avert major disasters during these turbulent times.

At war's end, Czech soldiers expelled Edith and her children from their mountain cabin where they had taken refuge. When Communist lawlessness & tyranny endangered their lives, they fled from East Germany & eventually settled in Bavaria, a Catholic stronghold, where Roswitha attended a convent school and later the University of Erlangen. Her passionate endeavors working for a United Europe brought her into sharp conflict with the local Communist Chief. So for safety's sake, her parents whisked her away as an
au pair to England and later to France. Upon her return she won a Fulbright scholarship to study in the United States where she graduated from Smith College and the Harvard/Radcliffe Program in Business Administration.

Lured by warm island breezes her husband found employment on a large American sugar plantation in the Dominican Republic. Four years later, they acquired a small schooner and sailed with their 15 months old daughter half way around the world.

McIntosh has since made her home in the San Francisco Bay Area. She became editor of the California German newspaper while obtaining further degrees and teaching at Golden Gate University. For 25 years a risk management consultant with Warren, McVeigh Risk Management Consultants, she wrote their international publication,
Practical Risk Management.
In spare moments Ros learned to hang-glide and windsurf, and became Squaw Valley's first female National Ski Patroller. Her entertaining autobiography,
Live, Laugh & Learn, was published in 2004; her historical novel about growing up in Germany under Hitler, The Madman & His Mistress in 2007 – it reached 4th place among amazon's
historical novels – in 2010 she publsied In Search of the Good Life and Humor in Hard Times for kindle. More recently she has translatedThe Madman & His Mistress into German, with the title, Leben unter dem Hakenkreuz.

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Reviews: "Live, Laugh & Learn"


"The book is a delight to read. The various encounters ably depict the drama of each situation. An intimate bouyancy and resourcefulness, and an appreciative spirit permeate the entire manuscript."

— Otto Butz, PhD, past President,
Golden Gate University

"A most exciting story of events, but also a powerful message of hope in the face of adversity. An inspiration for all."

— Sharon Chester, PhD

"This book is about love, courage and a contagious positive outlook on life. If you have a family or are single, read this book."

— Barbara Holzrichter

"A life lived with zest......"

— Kirkus Review

"A captivating book set against the historical background of the Old World. These are truly inspiring tales."

Charles Brower, former Legal Advisor to
the White House

"A young woman, who has survived the upheavals of war that swept Europe, comes to the USA on a Fulbright scholarship where the future is full of promise. Her encounters and adventures make fine reading."

George Knott, Judge, Court of Appeals


2nd edition

The ABC's of Staying Young,

A stark contrast of the author's growing up in war-torn Europe & fleeing from the Russians, and her fun adventures after coming to the Promised Land,
the U.S.A.

"The essence of the sages distilled into a most readable and poetic narrative..."
"... beautifully illustrated by artist Mimi Stuart..."
 —R. Moynihan,       PhD, Author


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